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Tasty Icons: 500 hand-drawn food icons

My latest icons set is finally out. It took a couple of months to paint and prepare everything, and it was totally worth it.

It’s huge, it’s delicious and absolutely awesome.

500 hand-drawn food and restaurant icons – anything from kebab to tiramisu, guacamole and sushi, chorizo and shiitake. It was tough, because while 500 good icons made it into the set I had paint around 700. But I guess, I’m just a foodie.

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Tasty Icons: 500 hand-drawn food icons

Tasty Icons - fruits and vegetables

Tasty Icons - flour, milk, meat and fish

Tasty Icons - meals

Tasty Icons - pastry and desserts</>

Tasty Icons - drinks

Tasty Icons - kitchen

Tasty Icons - restaurant

Tasty Icons - food signs

Topics covered: fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, meat and poultry, meals, fast food, coffee and tea, alcoholic drinks and beverages, pastry and desserts, restaurant, kitchen, food signs and more.

Tasty Icons are available in AI, EPS, PSD and PNG formats and in 5 sizes: 32x32px, 48x48px, 64x64px, 128x128px.

Tasty Icons - specs

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My favorite songs of 2014

As we are getting further into 2015, it’s a bit late to make “the best of 2014” list. But I needed time to digest and summarize last bits and pieces, because 2014 was very fruitful year of musical exploration. Some songs in this eclectic playlist might be not from 2014, but I’ve discovered them only recently and they became a part of my musical year.

Interested? Check out my favorite songs of 2012-2013.

Japanese Food Icons — Tasty Icons: 500 hand-drawn food icons

Something Tasty

I’ve been working on a new set of hand-drawn icons for the last couple of months. Almost there. It’s gonna be delicious!

Few sneak peeks:







Spooky Icons

Finally Halloween hand-drawn icons are ready. It was fun and if you take a look at the icons, you’ll feel it. Spooky Icons set contains 100 hand-drawn vector Halloween icons in AI, EPS, PSD and PNG formats. It’s easy to resize the icons of to change colors.  Spooky Icons will set you up for the scary season and help create fun designs in holiday theme.

Spooky Icons are available for $16 at Hand-drawn Goods.




Full set preview




And to check the taste of our hand-drawn icons, download Spooky Icons Free, a set of 12 handcrafted free Halloween icons available in 4 formats and 4 different sizes.

Spooky Icons Free are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. You are free to use them in your personal as well as commercial projects, however you must attribute Hand Drawn Goods.

Game of Thrones Alternative Titles

Game of Thrones TV series opening titles are among the best. And as it happens with great things, they inspired many folks to make cool remixes. One day I came across Game Of Thrones opening titles made of Lego. Very cool idea.

I guessed there might me more goodies like that and started digging. There really are…

Game of Thrones Simpsons Style

Minecraft creations for Game of Thrones

Video Game of Thrones – Super Mario style titles

Game of Thrones 60’s/Saul Bass style opening titles

Game of Thrones Intro 50’s Style

halloween icons

Drawing Halloween icons

I’m working on a new set of icons for Hand-drawn Goods and having a lot of fun with this one. It’s going to be a huge set of Halloween icons, so prepare to be scared! =)

halloween icons

Sunny Icons: 90 hand-drawn weather icons

It’s been a while since we’ve released new icons on Hand-drawn Goods, so I decided to warm up with something simple yet fun. New set, Sunny Icons contains 90 hand-drawn weather icons, created with love and attention to details. Sun, clouds, snow, hail, storm, wind, you name it. Everything one might need to create friendly looking weather app, website or other kind of product.

Sunny Icons: 90 Hand-Drawn Weather Icons


All the icons are provided in AI, EPS, PSD and PNG formats and in 4 sizes: 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128, they are unlimitedly scalable, royalty-free and can be used for any purpose and media.

And to get a taste of Sunny Icons, here’s a free set of 12 hand-drawn weather icons – Sunny Icons Free. Enjoy!

sunny icons free

Hong Kong Neon Signs

Chinese neon signs are some of the most beautiful things in the world, they are one of the reasons I decided to move to China. Recently I’ve found this cool project that glorifies neon signs of Hong-Kong.


www.neonsigns.hk is an interactive, online exhibition dedicated to exploring, mapping and documenting Hong Kong’s neon signs.

There is very handy map that helps to locate and categorize neon signs of the city.


These are just few examples…




For more goodness check www.neonsigns.hk

My Favorite Songs of 2012-2013

Some time in the end of 2012 I’ve created a playlist of cool songs, I was listening to at the moment. Later the list was extended to 2013, therefore it combines some songs from 2012 and all through 2013. Some of the tracks are older then 2012, but I’ve just discovered them, so that’s when they started their existence in my life. No more introduction, just music.


I didn’t update this blog for a while, and there were reasons for this. One among them — I’ve started a new design studio — Hatchers. And this means more amazing things and much much more hard work.

Today I’m happy to show what we were working on all these months, our new portfolio and studio website — hatcherscreative.com

Please, let me know what you think about it! And spread the news if you like it.

And this is our new logo, by the way.

Chinese Characters Poster

Chinese fonts by REDESIGN

It’s always hard to find nice modern Chinese fonts. That’s why I was so happy, when I stumbled upon a website of Beijing based typographic designer Ding Yi (丁一) and his company Redesign. I must confess it’s the cleanest, the most nicely designed Chinese website I’ve seen.




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Stuart Kolakovic

Stuart Kolakovic is one of my favorite illustrators. I love his stories, characters, colors, details. He makes me dream, his illos are like songs of The Decemberists.






House numer plates

In a part of Beijing where I live there are a lot of old red brick buildings. They all look pretty much the same, but number plates. Oh, those number plates! It’s amazing how different they could be. Two building next to each other might speak with totally different voices.

One day I spent couple of hours walking few blocks around my house hunting for those plate. Check it out!

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Hardware Queen

Advertisement at hardware exhibition in  Yongkang, China.

House number plate

Some old houses here in Beijing have pretty beautiful number plates.