My favorite songs of 2014

As we are getting further into 2015, it’s a bit late to make “the best of 2014” list. But I needed time to digest and summarize last bits and pieces, because 2014 was very fruitful year of musical exploration. Some songs in this eclectic playlist might be not from 2014, but I’ve discovered them only recently and they became a part of my musical year.

Interested? Check out my favorite songs of 2012-2013.

My Favorite Songs of 2012-2013

Some time in the end of 2012 I’ve created a playlist of cool songs, I was listening to at the moment. Later the list was extended to 2013, therefore it combines some songs from 2012 and all through 2013. Some of the tracks are older then 2012, but I’ve just discovered them, so that’s when they started their existence in my life. No more introduction, just music.


Painting Threemen again! Yaaaay!!



Posters of Amsterdam

One of my favorite places at Flickr is a collection of posters from Amsterdam shared by Jarr Geerligs. This is a fantastic place with hours, megabytes and kilometers of inspiration. Thanks to Jarr Geerligs!

Amsterdam posters set

(+ Oslo posters)


Ink painting animation

Watch this elaborate Chinese animation, made in traditional ink landscape painting style. Beautiful and calming.