The World of Threemen

In the times when it was no Time, people were clouds. Or clouds were people. Or there were no people at all… but there were clouds, that’s for sure.

Also there were trees, mountains, ocean depths and honey meadows. It rained, wind blew, sun shone in a daytime. And moon in the night. There were quite everything. And beside that there were Threemen.

There were no difference between Threemen and clouds, trees, long-necked llamas or coral reefs… except that every Threeman had a pair of hands, pair of legs and a head. In other respects they would pass for quite plumpy clouds. And they would have been very nice and funny clouds… but don’t forget they had hands, legs and all! So they could paint dull grey mountains into bright colors, sculpture little ships from clouds, race zebras, sing, dance and have fun in all the ways. They were children. In the times when World was, oh, so young.

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