Homer Cell and Donut Cell

Here’s something I created in April 2009 and totally forgot about. I think it’s silly and hilarious. It’s funny to rediscover your own stuff.

Homer Cell Chases Donut Cell

Homer Cell Chases Donut Cell

Donut Cell Digest Homer Cell

Donut Cell Digest Homer Cell

Bad Dog


Rain Man

Sky Fish



Old Woman

Flower bed



My new picture. And few more to follow. I enjoyed last week working mostly on personal stuff. Like a long time needed vacation.

"Hanged" by HELOHOLO


Painting Threemen again! Yaaaay!!



Queen Alice and the Leg of Mutton

“You look a little shy; let me introduce you to that leg of mutton,” said the Red Queen. “Alice — Mutton; Mutton — Alice.” The leg of mutton got up in the dish and made a little bow to Alice…

Red Knight

At this moment her thoughts were interrupted by a loud shouting of “Ahoy! Ahoy! Check!” and a Knight, dressed in crimson armour, came galloping down upon her, brandishing a great club. just as he reached her, the horse stopped suddenly: “You’re my prisoner!” the Knight cried, as he tumbled off his horse.