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Tasty Icons: 500 hand-drawn food icons

My latest icons set is finally out. It took a couple of months to paint and prepare everything, and it was totally worth it.

It’s huge, it’s delicious and absolutely awesome.

500 hand-drawn food and restaurant icons – anything from kebab to tiramisu, guacamole and sushi, chorizo and shiitake. It was tough, because while 500 good icons made it into the set I had paint around 700. But I guess, I’m just a foodie.

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Tasty Icons: 500 hand-drawn food icons

Tasty Icons - fruits and vegetables

Tasty Icons - flour, milk, meat and fish

Tasty Icons - meals

Tasty Icons - pastry and desserts</>

Tasty Icons - drinks

Tasty Icons - kitchen

Tasty Icons - restaurant

Tasty Icons - food signs

Topics covered: fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, meat and poultry, meals, fast food, coffee and tea, alcoholic drinks and beverages, pastry and desserts, restaurant, kitchen, food signs and more.

Tasty Icons are available in AI, EPS, PSD and PNG formats and in 5 sizes: 32x32px, 48x48px, 64x64px, 128x128px.

Tasty Icons - specs

Check Tasty Icons on Hand-drawn Goods

Game of Thrones Alternative Titles

Game of Thrones TV series opening titles are among the best. And as it happens with great things, they inspired many folks to make cool remixes. One day I came across Game Of Thrones opening titles made of Lego. Very cool idea.

I guessed there might me more goodies like that and started digging. There really are…

Game of Thrones Simpsons Style

Minecraft creations for Game of Thrones

Video Game of Thrones – Super Mario style titles

Game of Thrones 60’s/Saul Bass style opening titles

Game of Thrones Intro 50’s Style

Hong Kong Neon Signs

Chinese neon signs are some of the most beautiful things in the world, they are one of the reasons I decided to move to China. Recently I’ve found this cool project that glorifies neon signs of Hong-Kong.


www.neonsigns.hk is an interactive, online exhibition dedicated to exploring, mapping and documenting Hong Kong’s neon signs.

There is very handy map that helps to locate and categorize neon signs of the city.


These are just few examples…




For more goodness check www.neonsigns.hk

Chinese Characters Poster

Chinese fonts by REDESIGN

It’s always hard to find nice modern Chinese fonts. That’s why I was so happy, when I stumbled upon a website of Beijing based typographic designer Ding Yi (丁一) and his company Redesign. I must confess it’s the cleanest, the most nicely designed Chinese website I’ve seen.




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Stuart Kolakovic

Stuart Kolakovic is one of my favorite illustrators. I love his stories, characters, colors, details. He makes me dream, his illos are like songs of The Decemberists.






Christoph Niemann

Fact – Christoph Niemann is a genious. Super witty. And I was so happy to discover that he has a blog at New York Times and once in a while post there his illustrated stories, every one of which is a masterpiece.

My Way (Google Map fun)

Bio Diversity

I Lego NY


And more and more at his blog at NY Times

Wang Ling (王灵)

One of my favorite part in fashion magazines is photographs of objects of fashion – watches, jewelery, bags, etc., if it’s done in an unusual, creative way. The very best, the most creative object styling I’ve seen were in Russian Esquire magazine. But here, in China I also have found nice examples of styling and object photography. From Outlook magazine, by Wang Ling (王灵).

Check out more in Wang Ling’s portfolio

Calligraphic Voices

Looking through great graphic novel about Batman “Arkham Asylum”, illustrated by genious Dave McKean, I discovered how beautifully and witty McKean introduces characters of the novel, using creative callighraphy. I think this is especially suitable there because all the characters of the book are so beautifully and frightfully mad, and you can see this in what and how they write.




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Nod Young

Nod Young is Chinese graphic designer and illustrator based in Beijing, co-founder and creative director of Khaki Creative & Design. His works combine modern trends of design with traditional Chinese art.


More of Nod’s works at Flickr and my favorites are inside the post.



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I decided to share one of my favorite illustrator on Flickr – L Filipe dos Santos (aka Corcoise). He mostly draw skinny girls with big eyes and noses and this would be not enough for me to like the artist but for opposite effect. But Corcoise’s people are so lively, so perfect-unperfect that I love to see everithing he draws or paints. And he does a lot, with all kind of natural media.

Take a look!

Corcoise on Flickr

His portfolio




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Posters of Amsterdam

One of my favorite places at Flickr is a collection of posters from Amsterdam shared by Jarr Geerligs. This is a fantastic place with hours, megabytes and kilometers of inspiration. Thanks to Jarr Geerligs!

Amsterdam posters set

(+ Oslo posters)



Pekka is Finnish illustration agency that repressents best illustrating talents from this country. Honestly, I’ve seen not too much Finnish graphics before, so this discovery feels so fresh.


My favorite guys of Pekka are

Sac Magique

Rami Niemi

Sanna Mander

Janine Rewell

Ville Savimaa

Fiona Hewitt

Back from winter holidays I start sharing with you recent findings, inspiring goodies.

British artist Fiona Hewitt is inspired by all things Chinese. And her recent illustrations express this affection, stylistically based on Chinese advertisements and packaging of the beginning of 20th century.


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Ink painting animation

Watch this elaborate Chinese animation, made in traditional ink landscape painting style. Beautiful and calming.

Inca Pan

Taiwanese illustrator Inca Pan works in mixed media and watercolor to create magical surreal collage illustration. I can not completely apprehend how and why, but his images attract me greatly.

Inca Pan’s Flickr page

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Illustration by Eric Nitsche

Clean and simple but unusual and strong illustrations from 1937, by Eric Nitsche, prominent Swiss born, American designer. This is not his typical kind of illustration or design, though, he tended not to keep on certain style but rather follow his intuition.

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3 gems

I was stunted by some picture today and wanted to share. And then I stumbled upon another little treasure which reminded me about another piece of art. So here we have a post with 3 beautiful, unrelated but somehow connected pictures.


Show Me the Vanilla Sky by Kanzaki Choi.

Conquers the Dragon King by Yeoh Guan Hong of Super Nature Design (Shanghai) & William Chua Tiong Keng (Singapore).


Film Poster for the Robbers.
Art Director: Nod Young  from Khaki Design (Beijing)
Illustration: Zaki Zhang

My Favorite Photo

I have this picture right above my desktop. Super-funny-cool-crazy-sad-inspirational-funny-boombalicious.

(I though I’d just created a word. “boombalicious”. But Google proved I’m wrong with 471 results with this word. Come on!)