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Tasty Icons: 500 hand-drawn food icons

My latest icons set is finally out. It took a couple of months to paint and prepare everything, and it was totally worth it. It’s huge, it’s delicious and absolutely awesome. 500 hand-drawn food and restaurant icons – anything from kebab to tiramisu, guacamole and sushi, chorizo and shiitake. It was tough, because while 500 […]

My favorite songs of 2014

As we are getting further into 2015, it’s a bit late to make “the best of 2014” list. But I needed time to digest and summarize last bits and pieces, because 2014 was very fruitful year of musical exploration. Some songs in this eclectic playlist might be not from 2014, but I’ve discovered them only […]

Nasty Catch

Another World of Threemen picture. At first I wanted to make some comments on what I tried to achieve, what I struggled with, while painting, but then I decided just to show the picture. And “creation of…” post with sketches and studies for this painting will follow later.

Bird Wood

Hey, I started painting Threemen again! It’s been a while since the last picture and I’ve always been to busy with work stuff, always finding excuses for not painting. Hopefully, this will change now, as I have lots of ideas and missed painting too much.

Spooky Icons

Finally Halloween hand-drawn icons are ready. It was fun and if you take a look at the icons, you’ll feel it. Spooky Icons set contains 100 hand-drawn vector Halloween icons in AI, EPS, PSD and PNG formats. It’s easy to resize the icons of to change colors.  Spooky Icons will set you up for the scary season and help create fun […]

Animal Sketches: Part 1

The best purchase of the last couple of months was an animal encyclopedia, I’ve found in a thrift shop. It boosted my passion for zoology and inspired to sketch for hours and hours. Here are just a few pages of animal studies from my sketchbook.              

Random Creature Doodles

One of my favorite ways of spending time is by creating characters. The ways I see it, variety is one of features of life, something I can never stop admiring, something that keeps me going. So I create more and more and more funny characters, or how I call them – random creatures. Here are […]

Game of Thrones Alternative Titles

Game of Thrones TV series opening titles are among the best. And as it happens with great things, they inspired many folks to make cool remixes. One day I came across Game Of Thrones opening titles made of Lego. Very cool idea. I guessed there might me more goodies like that and started digging. There […]

Sunny Icons: 90 hand-drawn weather icons

It’s been a while since we’ve released new icons on Hand-drawn Goods, so I decided to warm up with something simple yet fun. New set, Sunny Icons contains 90 hand-drawn weather icons, created with love and attention to details. Sun, clouds, snow, hail, storm, wind, you name it. Everything one might need to create friendly […]

Hong Kong Neon Signs

Chinese neon signs are some of the most beautiful things in the world, they are one of the reasons I decided to move to China. Recently I’ve found this cool project that glorifies neon signs of Hong-Kong. www.neonsigns.hk is an interactive, online exhibition dedicated to exploring, mapping and documenting Hong Kong’s neon signs. There is […]

My Favorite Songs of 2012-2013

Some time in the end of 2012 I’ve created a playlist of cool songs, I was listening to at the moment. Later the list was extended to 2013, therefore it combines some songs from 2012 and all through 2013. Some of the tracks are older then 2012, but I’ve just discovered them, so that’s when […]