Olly Holovchenkoa

Hello there! I’m Olly Holovchenko, designer, illustrator, doodler, imaginator, researcher of everything and generator of randomness among other things. Originally from Ukraine, during last few years I lived in USA, Russia and China. Recently I’ve moved to London and now spending my days trying to pick up British accent, without much success.

I’m creator of Hand-Drawn Goods, founder and designer at Hatchers and the guy who painted Threemen.

HELOHOLO is my personal website, place to share all kinds of ideas and personal life updates. It’s a blog, little portfolio, shop, doodle journal, and more. It might look a bit chaotic and random, but this is the way I like it. In this pile of content you will find bits about design, illustration, apps, China, board games, science fiction, superheroes, WWI and may be more. Welcome!

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