Fiona Hewitt

Back from winter holidays I start sharing with you recent findings, inspiring goodies.

British artist Fiona Hewitt is inspired by all things Chinese. And her recent illustrations express this affection, stylistically based on Chinese advertisements and packaging of the beginning of 20th century.


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3 gems

I was stunted by some picture today and wanted to share. And then I stumbled upon another little treasure which reminded me about another piece of art. So here we have a post with 3 beautiful, unrelated but somehow connected pictures.


Show Me the Vanilla Sky by Kanzaki Choi.

Conquers the Dragon King by Yeoh Guan Hong of Super Nature Design (Shanghai) & William Chua Tiong Keng (Singapore).


Film Poster for the Robbers.
Art Director: Nod Young  from Khaki Design (Beijing)
Illustration: Zaki Zhang