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My Favorite Photo

I have this picture right above my desktop. Super-funny-cool-crazy-sad-inspirational-funny-boombalicious. (I though I’d just created a word. “boombalicious”. But Google proved I’m wrong with 471 results with this word. Come on!)

Qian Qian

Qian Qian (b. 1979) is a graphic artist and designer based in New York City. One of the “20 under 30 New Visual Artists” by Print magazine, he has worked with such clients as Nike, Panasonic, Coca-Cola, and Motorola. His work has appeared in many international design publications, and exhibited in V&A Museum in London, […]

New graphic design in China

{“Shadow Play is Fun!” illustration by Qian Qian.} Recently I stumbled upon an interesting article about new graphic design in China. It’s an interview with Javin Mo, of the HK-based Milkxhake design collective. Actually, it’s been posted at Ping Mag more then a year ago but still up to date. In Hong Kong, we started our graphic design history only in […]

Chinese Type Design Competition

As for me one of the most interesting and inspirational events of this ICOGRADA congress was an exhibition of the best fonts of Chinese Type Design Competition. I’m sure that even people who are not got used to Chinese characters can appreciate the beauty of this fonts and find inspiration there. And I feel that […]

Exhibition: Beijing Typography 2009

Another interesting exhibition featured by ICOGRADA in Beijing was Beijing Typography Exhibition 2009. It showcases typographic works of international and Chinese designers (mostly posters, but also books, motion, light design etc.) in order to explore aproaches and trends in modern typography and embrase cultural diversity. You can read more about exhebition at Faces of Design. […]

Official start

So it’s the time to announce official opening of “HELOHOLO says” blog. HELOHOLO gonna says about art, design, China and the rest of the Universe. It’s going to spread seeds of inspiration and flowers of beauty, and hopefully will surprise somebody one day. Or another. So welcome! Blog is going to live (long and happy […]