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White Rabbit

Back in the art school I had a brief for series of illustrations on Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. I’ve done 5 images in a style that was new for me. And since then I always had a desire to extend the series, but never had time and an impulse to start. So […]

Calligraphic Voices

Looking through great graphic novel about Batman “Arkham Asylum”, illustrated by genious Dave McKean, I discovered how beautifully and witty McKean introduces characters of the novel, using creative callighraphy. I think this is especially suitable there because all the characters of the book are so beautifully and frightfully mad, and you can see this in […]

Nod Young

Nod Young is Chinese graphic designer and illustrator based in Beijing, co-founder and creative director of Khaki Creative & Design. His works combine modern trends of design with traditional Chinese art.   More of Nod’s works at Flickr and my favorites are inside the post.    


I decided to share one of my favorite illustrator on Flickr – L Filipe dos Santos (aka Corcoise). He mostly draw skinny girls with big eyes and noses and this would be not enough for me to like the artist but for opposite effect. But Corcoise’s people are so lively, so perfect-unperfect that I love […]

My new business cards

As I’ve ran out of the last few business card I’ve had, I came out with new design. This time I decided to go more fun way. So here we go:   English side Chinese side (usually I’m against two-sided cards, even though here, in China, it is an obvioous necessity. But in this case, […]

Shenzhen Findings

Some curious findings from Shenzhen, posters, signs, sculptures and just weird objects I’ve met on my way. Also this stuff directly at it’s Flickr set. Findings from previous trips: China (July-October 2009), China (October 2008), London (july 2008), London (March 2008),


Pekka is Finnish illustration agency that repressents best illustrating talents from this country. Honestly, I’ve seen not too much Finnish graphics before, so this discovery feels so fresh. pekkafinland.fi My favorite guys of Pekka are Sac Magique Rami Niemi Sanna Mander Janine Rewell Ville Savimaa

Fiona Hewitt

Back from winter holidays I start sharing with you recent findings, inspiring goodies. British artist Fiona Hewitt is inspired by all things Chinese. And her recent illustrations express this affection, stylistically based on Chinese advertisements and packaging of the beginning of 20th century.  

Happy New Year!

Hey ho! Happy New Year and all good winter holidays. Next year is certainly gonna be even cooler and crazier in a good way. And I wish you pleasant adventures, amazing coincidences, great people and good luck all the way! People of the World, relax! Olly

Inca Pan

Taiwanese illustrator Inca Pan works in mixed media and watercolor to create magical surreal collage illustration. I can not completely apprehend how and why, but his images attract me greatly. Inca Pan’s Flickr page

3 gems

I was stunted by some picture today and wanted to share. And then I stumbled upon another little treasure which reminded me about another piece of art. So here we have a post with 3 beautiful, unrelated but somehow connected pictures. Show Me the Vanilla Sky by Kanzaki Choi. Conquers the Dragon King by Yeoh Guan Hong […]