ICOGRADA Beijing: China Academy of Fine Arts

I feel like I had to start with this general post about ICOGRADA event in Beijing.

The last week of October ICOGRADA and Chinese authorities organized international design congress. It was a huge event that attracted designers from all over the world. The big kick to promote China and Beijing in the world and design in China. There were  many intersting exhebitions, lectures by prominent international and Chinese designers, workshops, performances and so on.

The main venue of the event was CAFA (China Academy of Fina Arts). This beautiful building is the new CAFA Art Museum, designed by Japanese architect Arata Isozaki.

And this is the logotype of the event, stylized Chinese character “XIN”…

And further I’m going to write what it’s all about…

So here’s the deal…

Literally meaning “message” or “letter,”「Xin-信」represents a primitive means of communication. Today, however, it encompasses many more dimensions than ever before, as illustrated by words such as Xin-xi (information); Xin-nian (vision); Xin-ren (trust); Xin-yong (creditability) and Xin-xin (faith).

The logo is build of black envelopes that form Latin and Chinese name of event (in two separate forms that were animated to change one into another). The style is pretty simple, black and white with occasional drops of colors. And everything was made of this envelopes.

The other big thing is the campus of CAFA. Official mouth says:

CAFA is the only national arts education establishment in China directly under the Ministry of Education and exclusively dedicated to fine arts, design, architecture and art history. It has established a strong reputation as an institution that allows culture, history and art to flourish, and enjoys some of the best arts resources in China.

And shows the picture.

But I’d say that this is a beautiful place made of grey bricks, full of art and magic. And it was particularly beautiful in the middle of the autumn.

And also it’s full of all kind of weird pieces of art.

And pretty nice announcement boards covered with posters and scraps of poster.

Much more photos from the exhibition at Flickr set.